Caceres is the second largest
city in Extremadura (about 80,000
people). The modern part of the city
does not intrude in the least on its
walled-in old city which seems like a
movie set. Every building is noteworthy
and impressive.
The entire week was Semana Santa, the week before Easter. If you have
ever seen photos of KKK-looking fellows parading in Spain, that is Semana
Santa. The Virgin Mary on the right is destined to be carried through town
in such a procession.
Ceiling detail of the cathedral in Caceres.
Having some beers, waiting for the procession crowd to pass by a stork was circling above and the setting sun reflected off him in a rather special way.
At night the buildings in the old town
are flood lit. Absolutely spectacular.
And, as luck would have it, there was a
full moon.