Gardens of El Escorial, a
monastery / palace built in the 1600s
in the mountains of Madrid province.
Hawk hunting around El Escorial
Flowering tree in the Escorial gardens.
Madrid cathedral
The four tallest buildings in Madrid,
located in the new northern part of
town. The one on the far right is really
.......its profile differs radically
depending on the angle it is seen from.
Old Madrid
Templo de Debod - an original
Egyptian Temple given to Spain by
Las Ventas - the largest bullring in the
Inside a Madrid taberna.
A good number of restaurants,
taverns, and tapas bars display some
of their selections in window coolers.
This is my kind of window shopping.
Pulpo Gallego, Galician style octopus
with paprika and Salpicon, a marinated
seafood salad.
An amazing seafood selection,
including percebes (lower right
between the 2 crabs). These make
lobster seem cheap.
The Spanish definitely have a sense of
humor (and are not ruled by ultra
paranoid FDA and health department
fascists). That is indeed a real baby
pig carcass that will be cooked.