I've been to Segovia 4 times,
and it is impossible to get tired of it -
the aqueduct, the cathedral, the
alcazar, and the setting are all
The building on the corner is probably
the most famous place in Spain to eat
roast baby pig. Awesome.
The aqueduct with the mountains in
the distance. The 2 BC Roman
aqueduct brought water from the
Sierra de Guardarrama to Segovia.
View of the cathedral from the main
tower of the alcazar
The cloister and bell tower of the
cathedral. Not allowed to take photos
An original Templar Church. It's built in the shape of an
octagon. According to locals it is the only Templar
church in this shape.
Views from the
windows of the
alcazar. The
Templar church is
there in the near
The alcazar from several angles.
Doesn't matter where you see it from it
is impressive.