Extremadura countryside
Trujillo is the birthplace and hometown
of Francisco Pizarro. In fact, the bulk of the
conquistadors were from Extremadura.

Plaza Mayor, Trujillo (Right)

Cathedral, Trujillo (Below)
North and west of the plaza mayor is the old walled city, partly Roman, partly Moorish. It is
accessed through several original gates (a few  examples below) and is full of pre-17th
century buildings. It is topped by an alcazar (fortress).
View from the alcazar. The large
building in the center is the parador
where we stayed. A parador is a
state-run hotel that is normally located
in a renovated castle, monastery, or
other historical building.
Scenes from the
narrow winding
streets of the old
walled city of Trujillo
There are as many storks as people in
Trujillo. It is very odd to see blue heron
sized birds building nests on rooftops.