Zafra is a small town in the south of
Extremadura, It looks very much like the
white towns associated with Andalucia.

(Left) Plaza Mayor, Zafra
Plaza detail (Left)

Islamic style window (Right)
Typical street in Zafra
Merida, the former Augustus Emeritus, was founded by the Romans as a place for veterans of the conquest of Spain to retire and relax, and at one
point was the largest city in Roman Spain. Today it has the most extensive Roman ruins in Spain. The original Roman bridge (below) is the first one
Close up of Roman bridge
(Left) Portal entrance to the Roman Theater.

View from the portal out to the theater (below)
View of the theater from the upper-level seating
Views from inside the theater.
An original tile mosaic floor of a villa
that no longer exists. They still allow
you to walk on it.
Two more mosaic floors. These
are preserved in Merida's excellent
museum. They are each about 15
feet square.
The Temple of Diana. One is walking
down a typical modern Merida street,
and then suddenly this.
Plaza de Toros, Merida
Ruins and gardens of the Merida Alcazar.